Artificial Sand Making Machines
Artificial Sand Making Machines
Natural sand are weathered and worn out particles of rocks and are of various grades or size depending on the accounting of wearing. The main natural and cheapest resource of sand is river. Dams are constructed on every river hence these resources are erasing very fast. Now a days good sand is not readily available, it should be transported from long distance. Those resources are also exhausting very rapidly. So it is a need of the time to find some substitute to natural river sand

The artificial sand produced by proper machines can be a better substitute to river sand. The sand should be sharp, clean and course. The grains should be of durable material. The grain sizes must be such that it should give minimum voids. The presence of clay and silt retards the setting of the cement and makes the mortar weaker and the walls or the slab leaks and holds dampness.

The sand in the mortar does not add any strength but it is used as an adulterant for economy and with the same it prevents the shrinkage and cracking of mortar in setting. The sand must be of proper gradation ( it should have particles from 150 microns to 4.75 mm in proper proportion) When fine particles are in proper proportion, the sand will have less voids. The cement required will be less when there will be less void in sand. Such sand will be more economical.

Only sand manufactured by V.S.I. Crusher is cubical and angular in shape. Sand made by other types of machines is flaky , which is troublesome in working. There is no plasticity in the mortar. Hence the mason are not ready to work with machine made crushed stone sand. For the same reason inferior river sand may be used. Manufacturing sand from jaw crusher, cone crusher, roll crusher often contains high percentage of dust and have flaky particle. Flaky and angular particles may produce harsh concrete, and may result in spongy concrete.

There is standard specification for Fine aggregates (Sand). It is divided in four gradations. Generally known as Zone I, Zone II, Zone III and Zone IV. There is sieve Designation for each grade. Gradation is made as per the use of the sand. There are testing sieves for testing the sand. A set of Sieves with square hole is available. Followings are the sieves
• 4.75 mm, 2.365, 1.1830, 600 microns, 300 microns, 150 microns
• Pan

Artificial Sand Making Machine
Comparison With River Sand
River Sand
River sand is a worn out particles of stone. River sand contains particles of various types of stones. Hence, each and every particle is not having similar crushing strength. River sand contains impurities like Shells, Coal, Organic Material, Wood, Bones, Silt. These impurities decay in due course of time. Hence, reduces the life of Construction.

Artificial Sand
Artificial sand is made from selected and tested stone. This sand does not contain any impurity. The sand manufactured from Akashganga Sand making machine have no deviations in fineness modules. The machine is designed in such a way so that there is no effect of wear of parts. The sand produced by our Machine have same fineness modules. That is the reason strength of each and every particle is same. The main benefit of Artificial sand manufactured from Akashganga Sand making machines that the quality of the concrete does not very. As there is no impurity present in sand, strength of the construction work does not hamper and gives longer life.

Test Reports Of Concrete Made By River Sand And Artificial Sand
Followings are the actual result of Concrete Designed with river sand and Artificial sand.

Use Of Artificial Sand
Now a days, in construction of roads, buildings, dams, canals, etc., cement concrete plays an important role. Concrete is an artificial stone resulting from hardening of rationally chosen mixture of binding material, water and aggregate (Sand and crushed stone or gravel). The mixture of these materials, before it hardens, is called concrete mix. Particles of sand and crushed stone from a stone are car-cass in concrete. Cement paste resulting from the interaction of concrete mix with water coating on the grains of sand and crushed stone, fills the voids between them, lubricates the aggregate and imparts mobility (fluidity) to the concrete mix. When the cement paste hardens, it binds the aggregate into an artificial stone or concrete.

High quality concrete mixture may be produced only with deep knowledge of all manufacturing procedures, a proper choice of quality constituents and their optimum ratio, suitable procedures for preparing concrete mixes, for placing, compacting and hardening them in order to obtain concrete structure of high quality, high strength, durability and low cost.High quality concrete mixture may be produced only with deep knowledge of all manufacturing procedures, a proper choice of quality constituents and their optimum ratio, suitable procedures for preparing concrete mixes, for placing, compacting and hardening them in order to obtain concrete structure of high quality, high strength, durability and low cost.
VSI Crusher ( PATENTED )
VSI Crusher ( PATENTED )
Layout of sand manufacturing plant is similar to Stone crushing plant. It consist of Feeding hopper, Rotopactor, Sand Screen, conveyors / elevators, electrical prime movers and controls, etc. For manufacturing Sand at large scale it is manufactured directly from bigger size stones up to 500 mm size. The feed size of VSI Crusher can be 0 to 40mm. The stone metal of 20mm size can be produced from this feed size. Therefore bigger size stone must be crushed to minus 40mm for feeding in the VSI Crusher. For making sand, for getting more efficiency and less wear the feed size should not be more 15mm.

Specially Designed VSI Crusher for High Silica Minerals Is Our Specialty. This Machine Can Crush Quartz, Quartzite, Glass, Sodium Falspar and High Silica Minerals Very Efficiently With Less Wear Cost.

Small machines can be used along with Stone crusher units, Where Grit and fine particles are waste. With Two crushers a 15 ton per hour capacity machine can be installed.

Generally, 20mm metal and sand has more demand. Material below 12mm doesn't have any demand. Hence, converting this material into sand is more profitable. VSI Crusher available with us are in range of 30 tons per hour to 250 tons per hour. Same way Artificial sand Making Machine is available in the range from 5 tons to 200 tons per hour. Similarly, Plaster Sand Making Machine is also available from 15 tons to 100 tons per hour.

VSI Crusher & Rotopactor are specially designed machine for manufacturing of cubical metal. Sand Making machine is used for manufacturing Artificial sand. The crushing principal in VSI Crusher, Rotopactor and Sand Making Machine is same. These machines consist of a rotor which revolves a high speed and throws stone particle at vigorous velocity. These stone particles collides on anvil or autogenous stone lining in crushing chamber. The stone particles having kinetic energy when it strikes on crushing chamber brakes into small cubical particles. Crushed particles comes out from the outlet at the bottom of the machine.
VSI Crusher Special Achievements
  Our VSI crushers are electronically controlled. All safety features are interlinked. Hence permits to run the plant more efficiently.
• The feed material quantity is automatically controlled. This technology makes the unit to run with maximum efficiency. In case due to any reason machine is running at under capacity, it will rectify and increase the feed automatically. So machine will be operated at full efficiency.
• The lubrication system is also electronically controlled. Quantity of lubricating oil is increased or decreased automatically to keep the machine cool.
• All Safety devices are interlinked and auto controlled.
VSI Crusher Comparative Statement
Our Machines
1) Our machine bears a warranty for Three years.
2) Rotor life of our machine is more cost is 2,500
working hours, wear cost is much less ( For 15 tons machines) wear cost Rs 2.40/ Ton
3) Production of Sand per H.P. is 10% excess than any machine. HP required 3.6 HP/ Ton
4) Oil lubrication system, which is a full proof, Better Lubrication, due to oil pump
5) Heat generated in the bearings is taken away by the circulating lubricating oil, gives long bearing life
6) Special floating design of bearing is in the system, which counter balances the weight of the shaft and Rotor. Bearing life is three times compared to other machines
7) Annual expenses for lubrication is not more than Rs.8,500.00. Which Saves Rs 15,000.00 per year.
8) No time wasted in lubrication, so more utilization of time and more production , so 8/9 Tons extra Production, which can increase total Profit up to 1,00,000.00 per year.
9) The top lid is having 360 d swiveling against a pivot.Easy to open in less time.
10) The Motor is having a specially designed tightening arrangement Operated by a handle, Makes easy to operate.
11) The Main shaft is specially designed and made from special steel, which gives more fatigue life.
12) A special vibration detection and Control equipment is fitted with the Machine, which do not permit to Run the machine, under vibration.
13) A special temperature meter and control unit is fitted with the machine which indicates rise in the temperature of the bearings, so protect the bearings and increases the life. Estimated bearing life about 10 years
14) A hour meter is fitted with the machine, which shows actual running of the machine.
15) A provision for dust suction system is provided to suck extra dust from the sand. ( fitting of dust unit is optional).
16) The sand manufactured from our machine strictly satisfy the requisites of IS Standards 383 and Plaster sand 1542

Other Make Machines
1) Nobody gives more than one year.
2) Rotor life of other make is not more than Wear 900 working hours. Wear cost is more.
3) Less production per H.P. Hp required more than 5 HP/ Ton
4) Grease Lubrication system requires Constant intermittent lubrication.
5) Heat is not taken out, so in summer it requires to close the unit, for cooling. This also reduces the bearing life.
6) Total load is on the bearings, less life of the bearings. More bearing failure is experienced.
7) Annual expenses on lubrication is Rs. 23,500.00 Which is much high.
8) Per day at least 30 minute are required for lubrication, so per day Less production at least 8 to 9 Tons Hence less profit.
9) Top cover requires crane or chain Pulley block.More time Is required to open the cover.
10) Requires much efforts to loose or tight the belts.
11) No special design, experiences more frequent breakage of the shaft And so bearings
12) No such unit is fitted
13) No such unit is fitted.
14) No such unit is fitted.
15) No such arrangement can be made
16) Sand must be tested and may required toning.
VSI Crusher Highlights Of Our Machine
• Our machines are warranted for three years. Except for wear parts, bearing, and rubber parts.
• Our machines can take feed size from zero to 40 mm model wise. The feed size is based on final product required. Sand can be manufactured from 40mm feed material. For better quality of sand we must aware to 1 :4 crushing size. This means for zone 1 sand maximum feed size should not be more than 20mm. For better result 0 to 20mm all mixed will be ideal feed. For manufacturing plaster sand feed size should be 0 to 8mm. If the feed size is maintained within above said limit, maximum efficiency of the machine can be achieved.
• The most economical crushing ratio is 1 : 4 may be increase as 1 : 5. This ratio will reduce the wear cost to minimum.
• We manufactured VSI Crusher from 30 tons per hour to 300 tons per hour through put capacity.
• All Types of Industrial minerals and recycling waste can be crushed in our VSI. The wear cost varies as per the hardness of material and abrasive quality.
• All our VSI and Sand Making Machine ( Premier Model ) are having full proof oil Lubrication system. This Lubrication system is most efficient
• All our VSI Crusher, Rotopactor, Sand Making Machines are available with Dust Free Product System. This system is optional. For better quality of the product we recommend this system.

Proven Application on :
• Our Machine is proven for all types of Industrial minerals and Constructional waste and debris.
• All Types of Stones such as Basalts, Dolomite, Flint, Gabbros, Gravels, Grit stone, Lime stone, Phosphate, Pumice, Quartz, Jasperoid, Quartzite, Sand stone, Silt stone, etc. can be crushed in our VSI.
• Industrial Minerals: Such as Quality sand, Ceramics, Abrasives, Cement Clinkers, Glass, Silica, Manganese ore, Iron ore, etc. can be successfully crushed.
• Waste and recycling: Such as Glass, Steel slag, Construction Waste, etc. can be crushed.
Grease Lubrication Vs Oil Lubrication
VS Rotopactor Grease Lubrication Vs Oil Lubrication
Comparative Statement
Oil Lubrication is a positive Lubrication system and full proof. There is no chances for dry running the machine. Along with Lubrication it extract the heat generated while running the machine and keep the machine cool. This feature can not be achieved in grease lubricating machine. In fact, oil lubrication system requires very advance technology. That is the reason no any other manufacturer dared to introduce Oil Lubrication System. All Machines available in the market are grease lubricated.
Following calculation shows the difference and saving due to oil lubrication
Daily grease requirement of Rs.200/- per day = Rs.9000/- per month
Therefore per year Rs.1,08,000 /-
Increase Your Profit As VSI Crushers VS Jaw Crushers / Cone Crushers
Crushed Material from Jaw Crusher / Cone Crusher are more flaky. Flaky material cannot be used for road constructions. Due to heavy load flaky material brakes the broken surface do not have asphalt. This reduces the life of the road. Now a days Government banned jaw crushers material or cone crushers material for the construction of roads. Metal used for road constructions must be manufactured from VSI Crusher only. Crushed product from VSI Crusher is cubical and flakiness index is within permissible limit. The permissible limit of the flakiness index must be below 30. This means flaky particle should not be more than 3% in the crushed product. It cannot be achieved from JAW Crusher or Cone Crusher. Only VSI Crusher can produced cubical particles.

VSI manufactured by Akashganga are more efficient and gives desired results. Above criteria of crushed metal is also followed in dam & bridge construction. The porosity of concrete made with VSI metal is very less and dense concrete is achieved. Automatically more strength of the concrete is achieved.

This can be proved with the help of following example. Flaky material means chip of the stone having more length and width compared to thickness. Let us take a piece of stone having length 2 units X 1unit X 0.5 unit So the Volume of this particle will be 2 X 1 X 0.5 = 1 cu unit. At the same time the surface area of this particle will be 7 sq. unit. ( 2 X 2 X 1 + 2 X 2 X 0.5 + 2 X 1 X 0.5 = 7 sq unit.) For the Same volume if we select a cubical particle it's length breath and height will be 1 Unit. So the Volume comes to 1 X 1 X 1 = 1 Cu unit. And surface area is 1 X 1 X 6 = 6 Sq. Units.

Thus for the same volume the surface area of the particle is increased by 16% approximately. Crushed metal from Jaw crusher is generally flaky, and from V.S.I. Crusher is cubicle. There fore there is 10 to 15% more strength for the same cement or asphalt Consumption. There is also a problem with flaky material while rolling it gets break and the broken surface do not have any coating of asphalt, makes the section weak. Hence more life of the road can be achieved by using the cubicle metal. Again less voids in the cubical metal so more dense concrete, so more strength. For Crushing 6,000 cft (approx. 250 tons) of 20 mm metal per day requires minimum for crushers of 20X12 or 24X10 size. The unwanted material produced is about 65% . Total H.P. required to run four crushers is about 120 H.P. ( Excluding Conveyors and Grading Screen etc)

Above can be replaced by One Jaw Crusher and One VSI crusher, So the total H.P. required is only 90. It can give same production, and unwanted material is reduced to 40%. If in addition to this unit a Rotopactor is installed, which can convert unwanted material to sand. It will require 40 H.P. Thus total H.P. will be 130 H.P. Total cost of this set is same, but the raw material cost is reduced by 40% (due to unwanted material not produced). And as all material produced is have immediate demand, the profit increases by 40%. The storing cost and selling at low rate is avoided, and with no environmental impact. The cost of production is also reduced to a substantial (wearing of Jaws and other parts of Crusher).